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Reiko Hayakawa

I was born in Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan.

After graduating from university, I joined a major securities company and worked in asset management before transitioning to Investor Relations (IR) tasks. Following my departure from the securities company, I became involved in the direction of an art school owned by my relatives and the planning and operation of children's programs, including workshops in commercial facilities.

Through these experiences, I started contemplating the further possibilities of art education.

I am currently affiliated with Tokyo University of the Arts as a part-time lecturer in the Art Education  Laboratory.

<Work Experience>

Tokyo University of the Arts (2021-)

Adjunct Instructor of Art Education Lab. 

I have been working as an Adjunct lecturer (Technical Instructor) at the Graduate School of Art Education Research Lab, Tokyo University of the Arts, since 2021.


Main Tasks and Roles:

I oversee the Office of Planning and Promotion of Educational Partnerships, and our main projects are as follows.

●Tokyo Metropolitan Government Arts Education Promotion Project:

The Tokyo Metropolitan Board of Education is implementing programs to enhance the curriculum and improve the quality of education in special needs schools within Tokyo.

●The exchange project between the Board of Education in Fukuroi City, Shizuoka Prefecture, and Tokyo University of the Arts.

●“The Aomori Jomon Gyomo Project.”(2019-2022)Institute of Environmental Lifestyle, Aomori Prefecture

●”The Tokyo Special Needs School Art Project Exhibition” To the future - Color/shape that stirs your heart - Primary screening and operational support. 

●In charge of the laboratory website.(URL :

Art school Sophia (2011-) 

To contribute my expertise and passion for art education as an instructor at Art School Sophia, operated by Grace Sophia Corporation, where I can continue to guide painting and sculpture to students ranging from 5 years old to adults. Additionally, I aim to play an integral role in curriculum development, instructor training, and the efficient management of the art school.

(URL :


Sophia Arts (2015-)

I have been organizing curated exhibitions to support young artists, fostering an environment where they can showcase their talent and creativity. Additionally, I have designed exhibitions that facilitate interaction between artists and children, allowing for meaningful engagement and inspiration.

(URL :



Daiwa Securities (2005-2011)

2005-2008 Daiwa Securities Co., Ltd.

2008-2011 Daiwa Securities Group Inc.

I worked as an IR Department (Investor Relations) at Daiwa Securities Group Head Office and also engaged in securities sales at Daiwa Securities Co., Ltd. My responsibilities included institutional investor relations, conducting PR activities for the group, and providing asset consulting services for stocks and bonds to institutional investors.

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